Reviews for “Star Trek Beyond” and “Lights Out” now active on Eman’s Movie Reviews



My overall impression of Star Trek was that this has definitely become more of a niche, sci-fi type of film. The previous movies felt more like adventure films that happened to be in space, but Star Trek Beyond is definitely more sci-fi in nature than the others. If you were a fan of Battlestar Galactica or similar shows, then this would be your kind of movie for sure.


This movie is what it is. It’s a basic horror film, that was inspired by a really good, award winning horror short movie. (Watch the original short here.) This was a pretty forgettable film that sadly won’t have you taping your light switches on at night. If you did decide to see this, this would probably be a good date movie or something to see with a group of friends. You’ll probably get a bigger kick out of laughing at the movie rather than going to get some real terrors. Feel free to see this as a matinee or wait to watch at home. Maybe if you watch it at home with the lights off it may make the movie just a little bit scarier.


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