Leo Brady of AMovieGuy.com reviews “Our Kind of Traitor”


In most movies where random, average joes find themselves at the center of a government scandal, such as Eagle Eye or Wanted, the lead character is typically a frantic runner, who tells those around them, “you got the wrong guy.” In Our Kind of Traitor, the recent John le Carre novel to be made for the big screen, Ewan McGregor plays Perry Makepeace (the name is way too on the nose), a university poetry professor whose demeanor, much like other characters in a le Carre fare, is as cool as a cucumber. He becomes wrapped up in a struggle between a Russian mobster defect and a crooked mobster banking syndicate, in what is less of a spy thriller and more of a “wrong place, wrong time” exercise, but is nonetheless, still an intriguing film.

CLICK HERE to read Leo’s full review!

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