Don Shanahan reviews two new releases for his “Every Movie Has a Lesson” website



Swinging off the big screen and flexing all kinds of sweaty muscles, “The Legend of Tarzan” is an able and exciting summer blockbuster entry just in time for the holiday weekend.  Former “Harry Potter” franchise steward David Yates has packed enough sweep and scope for high adventure while employing enough modern bells and whistles to launch the pulp character further than ever before on the silver screen.  With stunning production pieces, wallet-worthy 3D, buff bods, beautiful people, and a bevy of carnal excitement, this newfangled interpretation delivers a throwback experience of intensity and thrills fitting for the classic hero.


Every great director has a worst film.  Come and meet Steven Spielberg’s dullest lemon and worst dumpster fire.  “The BFG” is a victim of two uneven halves populating a single film.  It is difficult to downright hate the movie.  The intention is there.  The Roald Dahl source material is beloved and respected, but this is worse than “The Lost World,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” or “Hook.”  Go ahead and start making your snarky substitutes for the BFG acronym.  Your submissions are warranted.

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