Check out the latest video review from “Eman’s Movie Reviews” for “The Legend of Tarzan”


You can tell right off the bat this movie was intentially made to be seen in 3D. There are only one or two “in your face” moments with the 3D, but the biggest accomplishment of the 3D effects was to add depth to what you see. If you’re afraid of heights, you may slightly hold your breath a few times during the great camera angles as Tarzan swings through the jungle.  Rather than giving us the same old Tarzan origin story, this film is a bit of a prequel and sequel all in one. We’re reminded of Tarzan’s past through periodic flashbacks. It was also nice how the majority of the film takes place with a more “civilized” Tarzan about a decade after leaving he jungle.

CLICK HERE to read Emmanuel’s full review and check out his spoiler-free video review:

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