Daniel Nava ranks his best of 2016 so far on Chicago Cinema Circuit


Unless you made the hike to Park City or Cannes, the quality of 2016’s cinematic output may not seem especially encouraging. Look at the year’s highest grossing films and find sequel after sequel, superhero film after superhero film, with original properties coming from the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Michael Bay, and Walt Disney Studios. None of this is new, but the quantity of dreck seems to have tipped the scales in a particularly negative way.

It hasn’t been all bad though. The past six months have brought new films from Terrence Malick, Joel and Ethan Coen, and Richard Linklater. The old guard of auteurs remained reliable, while new names like Anna Biller, Sean Dunne, Robert Eggers, and Dan Trachtenberg present fascinating curiosities. The following are the highlights, films that standout among the ubiquity of sameness, more often than not offering something new and interesting to say.

CLICK HERE to read Daniel’s full list and piece on Chicago Cinema Circuit!

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