Jim Alexander reviews “Central Intelligence” and “Finding Dory” for “The Movie Blog”


“Finding Nemo” was a huge triumph for Pixar, so naturally we would be finding another fish to duplicate on the success. Which brings us to “Finding Dory”, the sequel that delivers less Nemo, but a lot more of his friend Dory. The premise of the movie is similar to the first one, just with a different character. Don’t mess with the formula that works. Dory is longing to see her parents that she hasn’t seen since she was a baby and got lost. She decides she’s ready to travel the mysterious waters in hopes of reuniting with her mom and dad. Nemo and Marlin join Dory in her sea adventure that has many ups and downs along the way.

CLICK HERE to read Jim’s full review of “Finding Dory” on The Movie Blog!

What happens when you bring together Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart? You get a kick-ass, fun, action comedy. If you need a film comparison, then “Central Intelligence” is in the same genre and mold of last year’s surprise comedy hit “Spy”. But it’s actually better than “Spy”.

CLICK HERE to read Jim’s full review of “Central Intelligence” on The Movie Blog!

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