Don Shanahan reviews “Finding Dory” for and “Every Movie Has a Lesson”


Unless the title begins with “Toy Story,” Disney/Pixar has not had very good luck with effective sequels. “Cars 2” aimed too high for a bigger international stage and “Monsters University” failed as a bonding origin story prequel. Thirteen years after the original, “Finding Dory” changes that weak trend with a winning flourish. Teeming with plenty of vibrant energy and anchored by Pixar’s signature punch of finely tuned emotional storytelling, this sequel will delight audiences young and old and earn its mature place as a companion piece to the classic “Finding Nemo.” Those of you reading the title “Finding Dory” and fearfully expecting an unoriginal repeat of the first film with the shoe placed on another foot, err fin, breathe easy. This isn’t a carbon copy akin to something like “The Hangover 2.”

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