Don Shanahan reviews “BFFs” and “Sunset Song” on his “Every Movie Has a Lesson” site



Beloved in its homeland of Scotland, Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s 1932 novel “Sunset Song” is revered for its detailed and poignant tale of peasant life and the place of women during the transitional times of the early 20th century.  The novel has been a long-gestating passion project for highly regarded British filmmaker Terence Davies (“Distant Lives, Still Choices”).  Brought to life with moments of 65mm grandeur, his sumptuously crafted and carefully refined film adaptation is another jewel in the filmmaker’s crown, though one not without its source material’s difficulties.


While watching a film about dysfunctional relationships, regardless of its drama or comedy slant, one cannot help but measure their own relationship against the examples they are observing on screen.  The judgmental reactions, either spoken or unspoken, cannot be contained.  To capitalize on that drawing power without going to far, frankness and believability become key.  Debuting on VOD on June 3, the film festival favorite “BFFs” can call those two storytelling essentials allies and welcomes the fun of esteem-boosting judging.

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