Documentary review for “The Syndrome” from Pamela Powell’s “Reel Honest Reviews”

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a term with which we are all familiar.  Widely known and accepted as a violent shaking of an infant, causing brain damage and/or death, we intermittently hear about it in the news, seeing testimonies of those accused of such crimes.  To think that a new life has been snuffed out because of a parent of caregiver’s frustration is unthinkable.  We all shake our own heads in disbelief that someone could do such a thinks, readily accepting the guilt of those adult faces.  But according to this new documentary, “The Syndrome,” by Susan Goldsmith and Meryl Goldsmith, the “facts” are false.  The film brings us into the science behind this phenomena as well as the common sense about this syndrome, allowing us to come to our own conclusions.  It’s a heart-wrenching and unbelievable story of lives lost and those punished for a truly impossible crime.

Click HERE for Pamela’s full review on Reel Honest Reviews

Here’s the trailer for “The Syndrome”


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