Pamela Powell of “Reel Honest Reviews” grades “Money Monster”


“Money Monster” opens in theaters this weekend, giving us a much needed break for the onslaught of comic book hero films.  In “Money Monster,” the television host of an investment show, Jim Cramer-style, is taken hostage by an irate viewer  who actually listened to host Lee Gates’ (George Clooney) investment advice and lost his life savings.  Posed to blow Gates  to kingdom come, Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Connell) not only holds Gates hostage, but takes over the airwaves of live television, demanding answers to his questions.  As the heat rises, it appears that this low-life kidnapper may actually be on to something.  The stakes are high, lives may be lost, keeping us captivated with high intensity drama.  Thankfully, the film also delivers plenty of sarcasm and humor to lighten the heavy load.

Read Pam’s full review on Reel Honest Reviews!

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