Leo Brady of “A Movie Guy” reviews “Green Room” and “Sing Street”


Green Room stays planted in the frontal lobes of your mind for a long time. Like a machete wedged in your neck, it sticks out, having all the features of an instant classic for the Tarantino audience, eating up all the bloody madness they can handle. Director/Writer Jeremy Saulnier has control of the steering wheel, cornering us into a room, to witness a twisted battle between a punk-rock metal band and Neo-Nazi’s at an isolated venue in the backwoods of Oregon. Green Room is full of adrenaline, an outstanding cast, and a pace that leaves you craving for more.


I was charmed, swooned, and wooed by the kind gentle spirit of Sing Street. Director/writer John Carney (Once; Begin Again) brings us an amalgamation of everything that is great about movies. From the pleasing coming of age story of a high-school kid starting his own band in the 80’s, to the romance between a boy and a girl, it has just about all of the things possible that would coax a four star rating out of me. Sing Street is a fantastic success, a pure joy for everyone to see, because movies should make everyone as happy as this one made me.

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