Jim Alexander of “The Movie Blog” reviews “The Jungle Book” and “Sing Street”


April appears to be a the month of 1980’s nostalgia and coming-of-age. Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some brought the American perspective on college partying. In Sing Street, John Carney writes and directs a story of a boy growing up in 1980’s Dublin that starts a garage band. The different movies, but both both movies depict adolescent self-discovery. Cosmo, played by newcomer Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, is a boy seeking to distinguish himself from all the other kids at his school. Cosmo’s life at home is tumultuous. His parents don’t get along. The family is facing some financial woes. The only escape Cosmo gets is watching music videos with his bummy older brother Brendan (Jack Reynor). It’s the music videos that give Cosmo inspiration to start his own band.


Disney’s The Jungle Book is out today in theaters everywhere. Mowgli won’t the be first and only human to roam the movie jungle this year. The Legend of Tarzan will be out in July, but will that be an overload of large diaper-wearing jungle branch swinging humans? Lets take a look at the potential similarities and differences and what it means for both films.

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