Three new reviews and one new video review from Eman’s Movie Reviews


One of the best highlights of this film is probably how well the visuals were executed. The scenery of the jungle is beautiful and it’s given a lot of depth with the 3D effects. The use of the CGI quickly adapts you to the idea that these animals feel and express themselves just like humans. If you’re like me, you may actually believe that animals can literally talk for that hour and a half.  (full review)


Probably one of the most unexpected highlights of this movie is how it was able to be a comedy taking on the serious issue of gun violence. In a sense, the movie made the city of Chicago a living and breathing character in itself. It didn’t simply treat the city of Chicago as just a random urban setting where people happen to get their hair cut. Instead, the film does a great job of tackling various issues through its characters. The film doesn’t hold back on addressing the good and bad aspects of Chicago ranging from the gangs, neighborhood communities, or even the educational system.  (full review)

Eman’s Video Review:


Kevin Costner’s character finds an interesting way to be both uncaring and caring at the same time. The somewhat unique story line allows his character to deal with two minds at the same time, so to speak. It was far more interesting watching his normal self as the ruthless “Jericho Stewart”. A few of the action and chase scenes were entertaining to watch. Ryan Reynold’s character seemed a bit more interesting despite his appearance in the film being short-lived. Gal Gadot provided a much better glimpse of what we can maybe expect, acting-wise, from her future solo movie roles (i.e. Wonder Woman).  (full review)

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