Daniel Nava reviews “Midnight Special” and “Everybody Want Some” for Chicago Cinema Circuit


Six years after college, with a face that settles slightly lower on my skull than it did back then, it’s soothing to look back at the period with embellished fondness. Reflecting back on the period through the trenches of day-in-day-out routine, what college offered was a respite from the responsibilities of adulthood, a sort of refuge, where time didn’t possesses an overwhelming sense of urgency – where it wasn’t something that moved at the rate of 60 minutes an hour. You’ll find a relaxed countdown clock ticking away every so often in Richard Linklater’s new film, Everybody Wants Some!! The countdown marks the arrival of a student to a Texas college campus to his first day of class, a transition that marks the move from doe-eyed aspiration to onerous doing.

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Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special examines the special passengers of a specific car as they barrel through the American back lot under cover of darkness. There’s the driver, Lucas (Joel Edgerton), his friend Roy (Michael Shannon) as front passenger, and Roy’s young son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) in the back. We drop in on this triad mid-action, deflecting attention from local authorities as they already appear to be weathered and worn. Why does Alton wear swimming goggles? What have they done? Why go through such extremes? Nichols, as writer and director, posits these less as questions and more as situational realities, asking the audience to actively engage with the world that these people inhabit.

Read the rest of Daniel’s review on Chicago Cinema Circuit!


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