Michael Glover Smith Introduces A FINE DAY AT Transistor Chicago


Saturday night film screening at Transistor Chicago: Filmmaker, author and film studies instructor Michael Glover Smith presents Thomas Arslan’s A Fine Day. 8:00 p.m. Free, BYOB.

“A Fine Day” is an intellectual romantic comedy about an eventful day in the life of Deniz (Serpil Turhan), a 21-year-old Turkish immigrant and aspiring actress living in Berlin. After splitting up with her boyfriend, Jan, she immediately embarks on a relationship with Diego, a stranger with whom she becomes infatuated, before engaging in an extended rap session with a philosopher in a cafe. A charming story about one young woman’s search for happiness, “A Fine Day” has never been released in the U.S. but stands as the masterpiece to date by Thomas Arslan, a key writer/director of the “Berlin School” of filmmaking that also produced Christian Petzold. (NR, 2001, 69 minutes)

More info, including venue address, can be found on the Transistor website here.

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