“Welcome to Happiness” reviewed by Reel Honest Reviews and Pamela Powell

happy2“Welcome to Happiness,” written and directed by Oliver Thompson, tackles the never-ending question of how to find  true happiness, but in an “Alice in Wonderland” sort of way.  Woody (Kyle Gallner) is a children’s author who is also a “gatekeeper” to a proverbial rabbit hole that happens to be located in his clothes closet.  After a dot matrix printer whirs (your first sign that this is rather unusual), a knock at the door is soon heard.  A stranger enters, answers some  bizarre questions, and is then escorted to “the door.”  As these emotionally confused and desperate  strangers repeatedly disappear in Woody’s closet, seemingly ending their unexpected pilgrimage, the ordinary young author by day, gatekeeper by night, finds that his extraordinary journey of life has just begun.

Continue to Pamela’s full review at Reel Honest Reviews!

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