Burks’ Lastest Creepy Thriller “Cured” by Pamela Powell


Jesse Burks has done it again. First there was “One Please” starring Catherine Burks, Michael Berryman, and Sailor Holland, that gave you a whole new outlook on the ice cream man. Now we have “Cured” as he brings back Berryman and Holland in this new razor sharp short horror film about hospitals and surgeons…everyone’s nightmare without the cutting irony that Burks inflicts upon his viewers! It’s a journey into the unknown that would give Rod Serling a run for his money.

In “Cured,” we find a young woman fighting for her life, strapped to a wheeled gurney. As she is abruptly pushed into the eerily stark surgical suite, the real terror looms ahead. Anesthesia anyone? The barbaric surgical strategies that this maniacal master of the scalpel deliberately and emotionlessly performs is disturbingly perplexing. But even more perplexing is the fact that there is a sweet and beautiful young girl who is not effected in the least by what is happening right before her eyes! The missing piece of the puzzle isn’t revealed until the very end, but then it’s too late…the goosebumps have burst through your clothes.

To read the rest of the review, go to Reel Honest Reviews


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