“Touched With Fire” Finds Beauty in Chaos by Pamela Powell


“Touched with Fire,” starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, and written and directed by Paul Dalio, addresses the little talked about topic of Bipolar or Manic Depressive Disorder. Affecting approximately 5.5M people over the age of 18 with more than half going untreated, it seems a very relevant film that warrants discussion. I had the opportunity to sit down with Dalio and Kirby to get an inside perspective on the making of “Touched with Fire.”

Bipolar Disorder is rarely seen in the medium of film being portrayed as anything other than “…a lunatic looking up at the sky with crazy bloodshot eyes,” as Dalio says, but what happens when you see life through their eyes? In “Touched With Fire,” we meet Marco (Kirby) and Carla (Holmes) independently in their manic and out of control worlds as their parents hopelessly attempt to help them gain restraint as young independent adults. The two meet and fall in love in a psychiatric ward only to further heighten their manic behaviors. Finding a way to live life and experience love is difficult, but their situation creates an altogether more dangerous world for each other.
To read the rest of the article as it appeared in the Friday, February 19th edition of The Daily Journal, go HERE

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